About us

Mile High Tap Tours was started in November 2015, by Ralph and Mark with the goal of helping beer drinkers  find the perfect pint.  Ralph, a Denver native, thought there should be an easy and fun way for people to get from brewery to brewery.  A great afternoon or night out seeing what Southwest Denver Breweries have to offer.  So why not partner up with long-time friend, buy a van and see what happens.

We enjoy drinking fine lagers and ales with our friends so why not enjoy a few pints with your friends while we take care of the guiding.

Our Sante Fe/Broadway tours operate on Friday, Saturday, Sundays, and occasional Thursday with tours focusing on a fine selection of craft breweries located on South Broadway and also on South Santa Fe.  Please contact us regarding private tour options.

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Beer Tours, Things to Do in Denver, Denver, Dead Hippie Brewing, Breckenridge Brewing, Locavore, Brew on Broadway, St. Patricks Brewery, Craft beers