Review Male Blowjob Machine Autoblow 2+

What is the Autoblow machine?

This masturbator is the revolution for the men’s world we’ve been waiting for for so long: with the help of modern technology, this sex instrument is able to simulate a deep throat almost realistically – no more the time of up and down with conventional masturbators.

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What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences.

How does the Autoblowjob machine work?

Here the male Maturbatuion actually stands in front of a revolution.

The inserts, which have already become a habit with ordinary masturbators, are supplemented by moving massaging pearl necklaces on the outside of this sex item.

Like a real deep-throat blow jobMore than 2000 applications Intense Feeling, easy to clean

How does the Autoblow 2 + differ from its predecessors?

  • 33 percent higher output.
    The engine is With this great set of shells, made of silicone and always ready to use, the fun of oral sex with a woman comes of its own accord, hands do not need to be used, with a bit of skill.
  • Water-based gel is important.
    It is important to use a water-based glide gel, as far as possible, in order to achieve the optimum emotional stability with the luxury blow-moulder, because, as customer experience, test reports and opinions also show, the cuffs of the product are very sensitive.

Even if you prefer the use of condoms, a oil- and grease-free lubricant Because without these ingredients, based on pure water, it does not attack silicone or latex and therefore does not destroy the surfaces, which would lead to faster wear.

Where to watch a video of the device?

The way of use, also the basic function of the absolutely unbeatable important instrument is clearly instructed in the following video, you can watch it without registering.

What experience do men have when testing the blowjob machine?

The speed of the device is infinitely variable, the motor is very stable and powerful, the article is very easy to clean, it works with a power supply, so no batteries are necessary.

The test persons tried different inserts, according to individual penis length and size. three sizes to choose from. With a little practice, the machine can be operated with one hand, even without hands, and the men were envious of the women’s vibrators for a long time, and the Autoblow finally puts an end to this dilemma.

Even if, as the test persons noticed, the full-bodied claims of the manufacturer that the machine would completely replace a really good blowing action of a girl are not true, the product at least brings some variety, completely without registering.

The right insert is important

  • The sizes are important for the intensity of feeling
  • Other than with the Kunstmuschis
  • Choose the right size

As some of our customers’ opinions and our big test have shown, the sensation of lust is not particularly intense when the sleeve cover is too large.

If you compare the Autoblow 2 to the Sybian, the riding machine for women, it’s a real noisy toy, but as the manufacturer says, this doesn’t bother many customers.

Customer experiences and test reports show that the device could probably only be used in a very open-minded flat-sharing community.

Similar to the Womanizer, the first negative pressure orgasmic system for women, this product revolutionizes the erotic market for male masturbation and the numerous test reports, opinion polls and enthusiastic letters leave no doubt that something long overdue has finally happened in the sex world.

  • Durability correct
  • 500 jobs per load
  • More than 2000 jobs in total

As our experience has shown, the product can do about 500 blow jobs with one battery charge, maybe a few less, but the cuffs are of course a wearing part of the sex toy – but they are available in different sizes without having to register at, Amazon or Amorelie.

2000 blows, which are promised by the manufacturer, are easily available for those who treat their instrument with care.

  • The material, the cover is made of Sillikon
  • The device is made of metal and plastic
  • Length: 25 cm.
  • Diameter: 11 cm

In any case, you should choose the appropriate inserts, the sleeves, inserts, i.e. buy sleeves additionally. 

  • A: 7.5 – 10 cm penis circumference.
  • B: 10 – 14 cm penis circumference
  • C: 14 – 16 cm penis circumference

In fact, our extensive test shows that often a slightly smaller sleeve fulfils the requirements much better than if the sleeve is not tight enough, the really tingly pleasure is missing.

Does the Autoblow 2 actually do it automatically?

  • Luxury machine
  • Unique as a blowjob mechanism
  • Beats all expectations, no matter how high
  • Correct insert important
  • Sufficiently water-based lubricating cream.

The additionally available artificial sleeve “Vagina” is indispensable accessory.

We did not manage to balance the device completely without the help of a hand, but with a little bit of help, especially if you are lying flat in bed, the device is quite tidy and you have to hold it with one hand under the desk, as we found out in the big test of the masturbation monster, but that reduces the desire effect, like in real traffic, there are no limits to the fantasy.

The exclusivity of the Sexspielzteug speaks for the fact that it is included in the program of Amorelie, an exclusive erotic dealer with selected assortment. the Womanizer for men is of course also available at, the erotic platform with cheap € hammer prices par excellence.

  • Deep throat stimulator
  • Fully automatic supply
  • With cover in size B

Why is this device so unique??

  • You don’t have to do anything anymore
  • To be travelled
  • Massage the skin
  • Ausprochenly violent orgasm

The pearls, which are set in motion by an audible electric motor, are quite goal-oriented, so that one is the rule: no other product can offer this luxurious intensity of massage.

The lubricant, which is used sensibly, heats up quickly, creating a wondrous, cosy atmosphere inside the device that culminates in the caressing movements of the beads, and women say it is fun to watch a man use the toy.

Our pick

What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences.

The technique behind the sex manipulator is actually intriguingly. Sophisticated computer technology provides impulses for the beads, which in turn are closely linked to the insert, so that the penis, which is inside the sleeve, is worked on very intensively, simply by holding the cylinder slightly upright.

Test reports, comments, opinions and testimonials show that the qualities of the machine are close to those of real oral traffic, but the qualities of women that were taken as a basis remained obscure.

Nevertheless, the product remains one of very few automatic masculine masturbation devices and it works, as our test subjects emphatically confirmed, and with the right sleeve, the right artificial pussy and plenty of lubricant it really does bring a lot of pleasure, so we were emphatically confirmed.

Is there a good alternative to the device?

A function like that of the Autoblow 2 + is not yet available on the market: the function of the rows of pearls that massage the sleeve and are used for the”Flattered deep inside effect”The Cobra Libre Set is a little closer, but works more like a conventional vibrator but is completely waterproof and can be selected from numerous vibration programs.

The vibration of the Cobra 2 is familiar to the user from the conventional vibrator, the automatic luxury matureator works with its mobile, powerful pearl chains in completely different categories, and if one sex device is more of a vibrating stimulation, the other is simply right to the point.

Its construction is unique and extremely functional, proving all the qualities a man can expect, and it is also suitable for enhancing potency in general.

The future will catch up with us all. It won’t be long before sex dolls pamper us with artificial intelligence. automatic pussy The first step in this direction is to get a small robot that replaces a woman’s mouth for just a few euros.


This device is the right choice for those who are tired of masturbating with the same ups and downs, the orgasms are of excellent quality, the intensity of the device is adjustable, while the conventional sleeve is already in order, the replacement cuff “Vagina” gives many users even more pleasure.

The product is perfect for those who like it passive, for example, when the woman is riding: here, with this masturbator, you can let yourself be pampered, just relax, give a little support with one hand – and let it do it. blow perfect, making you independent of the willing woman. a perfect job, whether in the office or at home, in bed or on the chair.

Each of the devices we chose to use in our extensive test showed different advantages: the Cobra 2 is completely waterproof, the artificial vagina scores with its vagina replicas of famous porn stars, the Autoblow 2 + finally, remains king of sex according to all information, combining modern technology with cock comfort, the device is also very easy to clean, experts say: “How a damn well made blowjob, so much must be clear.


Is the purchase of such a product worthwhile?

This luxury masturbator will drive any man crazy as often as he wants – even if he costs a few Eur’s. A single charge of the battery of the products is enough for 500 satisfactions, and they are always at their best, only the inlet should be replaced once in a while.

Isn’t it better with the hand?

Masturbation with an artificial pussy, be it this product, an artificial pussy or even the Cobra 2, is always a Stamina workout, where the user can tackle his problems with premature ejaculation, lack of stability and similar problems, so to speak in no time at all, sporty.

Are the devices suitable for penis enlargement?

Although all artificial pussy, as well as a special penis extender, such as the famous Phallosan Forte, strengthen the libido, i.e. the sexual self-confidence of the man, the quasi “natural”, at least through the lubricant moist art vagina, works completely without any doubt, as a potency enhancer.

Will I receive the device discreetly?

You can buy it for a very special price at the trading platforms, also at Amorelie, Amazon offers like the above mentioned erotic platforms, discrete shipping, neutral packaging, contact and information by mail, you only have to contact Amazon, you have the package in Prime Versand with registration, delivery the next day, at your doorstep, discreet, safe and fast, free of charge, of course according to Amazon AGB 2018.

How loud is the device really?

It’s not that the machine is silent, compared to other machines like the Sybian, it’s a real silent racer, maybe you should close the room door, even a ceiling dampens the action of the engine.

User reviews

The Autoblow2 is a bit loud, but it was the first one to reach a my orgasm, which no woman has managed before. Therefore I will continue to use the thing with joy!


Autoblow 2 is very effective and leads me reliably to the climax without having to put on my own hand. Sleeve A is suitable according to manufacturer with a limb circumference of 7 to 10cm. B is good for 10-14cm and C for even larger men.


I have been using Autoblow 2 several times a week for almost 6 months and it works without any problems so far. I clean the sleeve as described in the manual and it is still flawless. So I can’t complain.

Our pick

What has two thumbs and loves blowjobs? You, obviously. With the new and improved Autoblow 2+, you'll soon experience the sex toy for men that sets a new standard in realistic solo experiences.

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